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Creating the future of cannabis today.

We believe cannabis should be easily accessible, reliable, widely understood, and integrated into modern healthcare

Leaders in cannabis care.

Montu is one of the leading cannabis companies in the world. Our integrated ecosystem streamlines the patient experience from beginning to end while establishing new benchmarks in cannabis care in the UK. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of millions of people through cannabis therapy.

What we do

Our main goal is to eliminate barriers and create an easy-to-use, trustworthy access pathway to high-quality cannabis products within the UK market.

We are supporting the UK medical community in better understanding the developing medical cannabis industry and its wide array of therapeutic applications.

To stay on the cutting edge of UK market developments, such as product innovation, regulatory changes, trends, and the most recent research.

We are operating with a long-term time horizon in the UK market and are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the finest care possible.


 What We Treat.

THC and CBD, two of the main components in cannabis plant extracts, are now used to treat a wide variety of diseases in the UK. Frequently used in a variety of dosages, and frequently either by vaping whole/ground dry cannabis or ingesting ready-made oil concentrates. In the UK, the medical use of cannabis is legal and here to stay.

There is no complete list of conditions that cannabis products can be used to treat, but new applications are found every year. Cannabis can be an effective treatment for a variety of ailments such as:

Multiple Sclerosis




 Chemotherapy Aid

Person with Crutches
Psychology Session

 Appetite Disorder



Crohn's Disease


Wine & Dine
 Young Woman Contemplating
Man Sleeping_edited.jpg
Stomach Ache

Palliative Care


Ulcerative Colitis


Supportive Doctor
Upset Stomach_edited.jpg
Stressed Woman_edited.jpg

Advocates for medicinal cannabis anticipate that in the future, public healthcare would provide a wider range of access to the drug, which is currently only given through private clinics.

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